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Services We Provide

Art of Translation maintains proven control systems to ensure the quality and accuracy of our translation projects. Our professional Project Managers follow stringent procedures to ensure your text is accurately translated and delivered on time. The range of Art of Translation services include:

  • Document Translation
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • Image Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Notarized Translations
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The foundation of the work at Art of Translation is translating product manuals, instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, proposals, manufacturing training materials, contracts and other documents essential to your international business.


The translation of product and other business manuals is one of our specialties. These types of documents are created using desktop publishing programs. We can deliver in Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign or other formats. In addition you will receive searchable, high-resolution, print-ready PDFs of the translated document. Art of Translation also converts documents from one desktop publishing program to another, for example FrameMaker to InDesign.


Does your document contain images with text that needs to be translated? The team at Art of Translation can provide you with a translated version of that image so that it is available for you to use as necessary in future correspondence. In most cases we can extract the text and replace it with the translated version, creating a new image in .tif, .jpg or other formats. Alternatively, a text box containing the translation is inserted over the original writing.


Customers who find your business in the digital space will be much more inclined to spend time on your website when it appears in their native language. Art of Translation helps you maintain a truly international web presence by helping your business create versions that are culturally relevant and sensitive to the demographic your business is seeking to reach. This entails professional translator experience on many levels, from cultural studies to website engineering. Art of Translation is ready to help your company operate on a global scale online.


Designing software in multiple languages can propel a business, allowing it to reach a truly global scale. Art of Translation can furnish software companies with both the technical and cultural expertise required to design an application that can be marketed around the world.


If you require a notarized copy of your translated document, we can provide you with the appropriate seals which are authenticated by a notary public. Additional fees will apply for this service.